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Statements on the Pontifex Tarot   

"Simply beautiful and magical”

Suzanne Livingston

This is an absolute gem for those who may be solitary or small group Practitioners, as well as a Blessing for those who do Work in Lodge or Temple Systems and/or within an order.

Luke Bubeck

"Beautiful and insightful.”

Roderick Montgomery

"Thanks so much for putting so much soul into these cards."

Em Metz

"They are fantastic decks. Seeing the colors separated for each of the four worlds has a completely different effect than blending them like they are in other decks.”

John Sieracki

"The flashing complimentary (colors) are so intense! Incandescent!

Sylvia Thorn

"Tremendous Work."

Thom Rose

"Beautiful. Congratulations on this accomplishment.”

John Sieracki

"A fine choice of imagery and color.”

Frater Alma

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