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About Nil

Portrait of Nil Orange, Designer of the Pontifex Tarot

In viewing Nil Orange’s drawings we are constantly exposed to the sacred alphabets of the world, the power of our modern alphabet, the silent message of symbolic shapes and the language of color. Nil’s exploration of the esoteric is scattered throughout his arresting images.

The work of Nil Orange is focused on the reality behind the reality. His artistic vocabulary is fed by the knowledge of ancient, western, mystical traditions. Thus, with this magical view of reality, he succeeds in creating images, cards and books that lead the viewer into a timeless, archetypal world.  The artist sees himself in the tradition of de Chirico and Xul Solar and incorporates influences from artists as diverse as Frans Masereel, Tullio Pericoli and Glen Baxter.

Intensive involvement with Tarot, Kabbalah and Astrology since 1997. Member of the Tarot e.V., the German Astrologers Association (dav), the Federal Association of Visual Artists (BBK) and the Alliance
of German Designers (AGD).

See Nil‘s digital sketchbook:

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